Bluetooth beacons for proximity marketing in retail

Attract shoppers to your business and enhance their in-store experience with beacon marketing


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How Bluetooth beacons work in retail

Whether you need to drive customer engagement, increase sales, or build loyalty through personalized beacon marketing, setting up Beaconstac campaigns takes minutes not days.

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1. Deploy best-in-class Bluetooth beacons at your business location


2. Create interactive promotional message. No coding necessary!

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3. Send beacon notifications to consumers nearby - use NearBee or your brand app.

Leverage in-store retail beacons to personalize shopper experience

Drive foot traffic

Provide incentives for shoppers to enter a retail store.

New things can be scary, but that can be turned around with compelling incentives and proximity advertisements. Keep new customers excited with Beaconstac notifications.

Drive in-store engagement

Send proximity marketing notifications near mannequins.

Well informed customers are happier customers. With Beaconstac’s proximity marketing platform, proactively inform customers about the brand, size and availability of displayed items.

Boost your in-store engagement strategy by broadcasting beacon notifications near mannequins, trial rooms, and offering a loyalty program for return customers.

Acquire more customers

Send targeted proximity advertisements & promotions in your retail store.

Personalize and target your shopper’s in-store needs in unique and delightful ways using beacon marketing channel.

With in-store beacon technology, give a gentle nudge to customers with targeted offers and information about new products, related to their past interests - at the right time.

With Beaconstac’s Eddystone beacons and platform, this proximity targeting is not restricted to a brand app. Retail marketers can broadcast location targeted promotions and deals without an app.

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Grow repeat visitors

Leverage Bluetooth marketing to push loyalty program information.

Your relationship with your customers are forever - we hope. With Beaconstac, keep them engaged and coming back for more with loyalty offers.

Beacon based loyalty solutions helps gather valuable data, improve brand recall, build customer loyalty and triggers store visit.

Serve customers better

Use Nearby notifications to push forms and collect feedback.

Evaluate your customer’s experience by asking quick and simple questions. Best of all, there’s no coding or additional software required for creating these forms.

Improve conversion

Get new insights into customer behaviour using beacon technology.

Proximity based data enhances retail marketers’ understanding of customer’s purchase patterns in stores and helps reach them in the right context.

Clear visibility into customer behaviour, helps convert better. Using Beaconstac analytics, you can measure performance and uncover actionable insights for your retail store.

Leverage retail beacons for:

1. Spas and Salons

Given that there are 1.9 billion salon visits per year in the U.S., beacons are being leveraged at spas and salons to accurately engage with customers. While spas and salons are pushing ongoing offers and deals, beauty brands are spotting tremendous opportunities of driving sales in salons.


2. Restaurant and Coffee shops

More than 25K U.S. restaurants witnessed a drastic boost in sales after leveraging beacons in their marketing plan. Restaurants and coffee shops attract diners and engage with them by broadcasting ongoing deals, greeting them, helping them order and pay online and promote loyalty programs.


3. Mom and Pop stores

The exceptional ROI of beacons are a boon to small businesses, such as mom and pop stores. The low cost coupled with minimal efforts required to deploy beacons, makes it an effective marketing channel for small businesses. With beacons, SMBs can increase the operational profit by 8% with an ROI of 365%.


4. Car dealerships

Enhancing the buyer experience at car dealerships boosts retention. Leverage beacons to broadcast relevant information even if it is a holiday or a busy day for your staff. Inform customers about every car they walk past in the showroom and nudge them to book a test-drive through their smartphones.


Retailers using beacon technology to boost business

“Beaconstac helps us attract local traffic, grow customer engagement, encourage repeat business and increase sales for small and medium businesses. The experience of creating marketing campaigns and notification cards is flawless. The campaign analytics really stands out - gives me an opportunity to spot underutilized & overutilized zones, creating better efficiency.”

Danielle Pettifor, Business Owner - Beacons of Palm Beach