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Create Text QR Code

What is a Text QR Code?

A text QR Code is a QR Code that reveals some text when scanned. This could either be a coupon code or detailed offer or product specifications. A text QR Code can be used in several different ways by retailers, marketers and individuals.

Create a Text QR Code

How to create a Text QR Code?

Customize your Text QR Code

You do not need to create black and white QR Codes. You can customize your QR Code with colors and add a logo. Here’s how to do it:

How to use Text QR Codes

  1. Coupon Codes: Hide the coupon code in a QR Code and place it on a poster, flyer or a brochure or your website.
  2. Detailed Offer: If you have terms and conditions that you cannot fit on a poster, convert the text into a QR Code that consumers can then scan.
  3. Product Details: Instead of cluttering product packaging, use a QR Code that shows users all the product specifications.


How do I text a QR Code?

You can send the QR Code as an image on Android smartphones. Android 9 users can scan the QR Code via Google Lens on their image gallery.

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