Types of QR codes

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Types of QR Codes

Webpage QR code

Generate Webpage QR code

Looking to leverage offline footfalls to drive online traffic? Webpage QR codes can help achieve your goal. Generate a QR code with any website URL. This could be -

  1. A campaign webpage with a coupon code
  2. Detailed information about a product, a monument or a house on sale
  3. Company website to build trust and capture leads
  4. An engaging YouTube or Vimeo video, trailer or product tutorial
  5. Audio content or podcasts
  6. Or, a payment webpage

Google Maps QR code

Generate Google Maps QR code

Sharing Google maps location often makes it easier and more convenient for consumers to walk to your business location. Beaconstac markdown cards have the ability to search for your business location and embed a Google Maps location.

Visitors can scan the QR code and access your business webpage with Google Maps navigation.


vCard QR code

Input all contact details in a single place, on the Beaconstac QR code generator, and generate a vCard QR code. Use this QR card to share your personal details with your clients, at events, or with potential buyers.

Use a vCard QR code to share your name/business name, phone number, email address, business location, social media profiles and more. The advantages of sharing vCard QR codes vs classic business cards are -

  1. Update contact details, anytime - without reprinting business cards
  2. Help potential customers navigate to your business location easily
  3. Generate leads by placing these QR codes on print marketing material

Social media QR code

Most businesses have multiple social media accounts - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin and Instagram. Display all your social media channels in one place and let your customers choose where they want to get in touch with you.

You can use QR codes to promote your social media on -

  1. Product packaging
  2. Business cards
  3. Flyers and banners

PDF QR code

Generate PDF QR code

Delivering PDFs as resources are beneficial for a host of reasons - they have a low overhead cost, the content is flexible and they can be an excellent guide.

Help consumers make smarter choices by delivering relevant documentation for the same. These could be case studies, step-wise tutorials, detailed product brochures, magazines and catalogues.

You can use PDF QR codes for the following -


App download QR code

Generate App Download QR code

Create a single QR code for different app stores - Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows App Store. Here’s how app download QR code works -

  1. Create QR code with a universal app store link
  2. A user scans the QR code using an Android or iPhone smartphone
  3. App QR code identifies the OS & redirects to App Store or Google Play respectively

These scan codes can be used to promote app download from in-store footfalls, email list, website traffic and other relevant offline and online channels.

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