URL to QR Code: Engage users offline and increase online traffic

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Create URL QR Codes

How to create a QR Code from a URL

There are 5 simple steps that you need to know to change a URL into a QR Code.

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When can you use a URL QR Code?


Personal Use

Share your blog: Imagine you want to invite people to read your blog. One way is to tell them the name of your blog. But, if there are more than a couple of similar sounding blogs online, you may miss out on some readers. Here’s where QR Codes come in handy. Share the URL QR Code to your blog as an image, on a poster, flyer or a brochure.

Share your website: As a freelancer, you would definitely have your website. At networking events, you may want to share your work or portfolio and instead of asking people to visit a lengthy URL, simply share a QR Code on a business card.

As a tattoo: QR Code tattoos are becoming increasingly common to commemorate special moments captured on video. After generating the QR Code online, you can have a professional tattoo artist ink the QR Code on you.


Businesses and Brands

Drive traffic online: Place posters or give away flyers and brochures in and around your store to drum up business online. With a single scan of the QR Code, consumers can visit your website and browse your website.

In-store pickup: Several businesses facilitate in-store pickup and you can implement this by attaching a QR Code to either the product packaging or on the bill allowing customers to shop online and come pick up their items.

Online Contests and Giveaways: Brands have several online contests and giveaways to keep consumers engaged. With QR Codes, all a business has to do is share the QR Code on either a flyer, poster or banner and billboard.


Personal Use, Businesses and Brands

Social media sharing: Add a QR Code to your posts online and let users scan it to either visit your website, blog or a giveaway.

Website QR Code: You can also give desktop users a way to share your content online easily. Instead of them having to sign in to their accounts, they can simply scan and share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Dynamic URL QR Codes

Imagine you shared a URL QR Code but the link to it is broken. Either the website has been shut down or you no longer have the same offer or the video has been taken down. With static QR Codes, there is absolutely no way to change the content of the QR Codes. Your only option (if at all) is to reprint and repost a new QR Code.

But, if you were to get a QR Code tattoo, the situation is much worse. As an Argentinian football fan recently discovered. He got a QR Code tattoo that links to a YouTube video highlighting his favorite team, River Plate, winning. The video got numerous copyright strikes by fans of the opposing team resulting in the video being taken down

There is a simple solution to all these issues: Dynamic QR Codes. The content in a dynamic code can be changed at will. For instance, if you were to change your landing page or your website domain, you can easily use the same QR Code to point to a different URL.

Beaconstac’s QR Code solution offers more than just dynamic QR Codes. You can also retarget users who have scanned your QR Code online on Facebook and Google.

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Can a QR Code take you to a website?

Yes. Copy the link of the website and paste it in the QR Code generator. Customize your QR Code with colors and add your logo or choose from a number of options.

How to use a Website QR Code the right way

How do you turn a URL into a QR Code?

You can turn any URL into a QR Code by grabbing the link and pasting it in the QR Code generator to create your very own customizable QR Code.

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