Video QR Code: Share online videos with a scan

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Create Free Video QR Codes Online

What is a Video QR Code?

A Video QR Code when scanned takes users to a video that they can play. This can be used offline as well as online by individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

How to use Video QR Codes

Create your Video QR Code for free online

Create your own Video QR Code

You can create your own Video QR Code in a few easy steps.

YouTube, Vimeo or IGTV

  1. Copy the link of the Video
  2. Paste it on the QR Code Generator
  3. Customize your QR Code with colors and logo
  4. Generate your QR Code and test to see if it is scannable
  5. Download it in your preferred format - EPS, SVG or PNG

Dynamic Video QR Codes

What if the link to your video expires or the video on your channel gets taken down? Instead of having static content on QR Codes that you have no control over, use dynamic QR Codes that allow you to change the URL in real time.

Imagine you upload a new video on your channel every Wednesday. One single QR Code can be updated to display a new video. Several YouTubers also have their own line of merchandise. In this case, adding a QR Code can guarantee constant engagement.

For businesses that send out newsletters frequently, instead of creating and uploading a new QR Code every month, the same QR Code can be used.

How to Create Dynamic Video QR Codes

Creating a dynamic video QR Code with Beaconstac is easy.

  1. Create a QR Code: Enter the URL of the video. Download your QR Code and use it offline on posters, flyers, brochures or online in emails, newsletters and websites.
  2. Attach a markdown card:This is an optional step but gives you far more control over what the end user sees. Instead of just watching a video, you can also add a CTA button, more images and customize it as per your needs. Markdown cards are essentially short landing pages that can be used in lieu of a website.

    Creating a markdown card: Everything you need to know

Why Are Dynamic QR Codes Better with Beaconstac?

Not only do dynamic QR Codes allow you to quickly change the content of the QR Code but you can also leverage dynamic QR Codes by Beaconstac in a multitude of ways.

  1. Retargeting on Google and Facebook: Retargeting helps drive down customer acquisition costs because they are 10x more effective than a normal display ad. On Beaconstac’s dashboard, all you need to do is input the Facebook Pixel ID and the Google Conversion ID and you can start retargeting anyone who has scanned your QR Code.
  2. Integration with Google Analytics: Not only do you get analytics like time, location, and date of the scan but you can also integrate your Beaconstac dashboard with the Google Analytics to get more insights into your audience.
  3. Fine-tune campaigns in real time: Need to make a quick change? You can use Beaconstac’s dashboard to make changes to your QR Code in real time.

Video QR Code FAQs

How do I play a QR Code?

Point your camera at the QR Code for a couple of seconds. If you already have the app installed on your smartphone, you will be able to play it through the app or you can watch it from your browser.

How to scan QR Codes with iOS, Android and desktop

How do you upload a video to a QR Code?

Grab the link and paste it in the QR Code generator. Customize your QR Code and download it. Add the logo of YouTube or Vimeo or IGTV to let the end user know what they can expect to see when they scan the QR Code.

Create your Video QR Code for free online