How leading CPG brands are combating changing consumer behavior with Beaconstac

With real-world examples of QR Code & NFC campaigns from leading CPG brands, decode how they create better consumer experiences and increase retention


For years, consumer brands have tried hard to crack the ever-evolving landscape to suit dynamic consumer preferences and establish successful D2C connections. However, with its unique and unprecedented challenges, the pandemic has only made it all the more tedious for CPG brands.

In a bid to combat the pandemic threats, brands are increasingly adopting connected technology in the form of QR codes and NFC in their product packaging to personalize consumer experience, drive digital engagement, and increase customer retention.

Join us for an in-depth discussion to learn what connected technology is, how leading CPG brands use it to up their packaging game, and how Beaconstac can help implement your connected packaging strategy.


  • Understand what connected packaging is and why it matters
  • Teardown of QR Code campaigns we found on the aisles of the supermarket
  • Lesser-known Beaconstac features that help CPG brands

Aravind Ekanath

Aravind Ekanath

Aravind is a Content Marketing Manager at Beaconstac. He helps CPG brands bridge the gap between physical products and the digital world.

Shweta Menon

Shweta Menon

Shweta is a Content Marketer at Beaconstac. She creates content pieces to aid CPG brands in digitizing their marketing strategies.

31st March, 2021

11 AM - 11:45 AM EDT

Webinar recorded

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