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Covid-19 has changed the way people shop

The pandemic has brought in seismic shifts in the fundamental ways brands and consumers use and think of product packaging or a pack design. Besides the pandemic’s unique challenges, addressing sustainability requirements, changing consumer preferences, and the evolving eCommerce wave top the agenda for packaging leaders. Take an in-depth look at the factors, trends, and innovations driving CPG brands to approach product packaging in smart ways.

Join John Darcy (Independent Packaging consultant) and Dan Egan (Director sales and business development, Mobstac) in our upcoming 60-minute webinar to understand your brand can stand-out with new-age packaging with enhanced functionality and design to provide immense value to stakeholders – consumers, manufacturers, and retailers.

Our Expert Speakers

John M. Darcy

Packaging Consultant and Founder Tea Leaf Branding & Packaging, LLC

John is an innovative packaging and branding consultant who has sold and managed numerous coordinated branding projects for individual restaurants, restaurant franchises, bars, hotels, coffee shops, caterers, event planners, and food trucks. He has also worked with a wide variety of consumer packaged brands and built "preferred vendor" relationships with several major North American food service broadliners. Currently, as the founder of Tea Leaf Branding & Packaging, LLC, John is helping businesses take product packaging to the next level as they radically adapt to the impact of COVID-19 on food safety while also addressing the growing legally mandated requirements and consumer demand for sustainable eco-friendly packaging.
As a highly skilled Sandler Sales Methodology packaging and branding consultant, Certified Digital Imaging Architect, graphic designer and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, B.S.I.E University of Illinois at Urbana, John takes keen interest in product sales and long-term relationship building while striving to help customers meet the rapidly evolving packaging demands their businesses face in wake of the global pandemic.

Dan Egan

Director sales and business development, Mobstac

Key learnings:

  • The major trends transforming the packaging industry
  • The impact of the pandemic on product packaging
  • Delivering value through smart packaging across the supply chain
  • Addressing the ongoing market challenges with smart packaging
  • Use cases from over +100 global (CPG) brands

Who should attend?

  • Product Packaging Developers, Engineers and Designers
  • Brand Managers, Product Marketing Managers
  • Agencies (Packaging, Marketing, Research and Advertising)

Register for the webinar

Tuesday, 23rd February 2021 11 am EST

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