Covid-19 has changed the way people shop

Redefining product packaging norms to navigate the new normal


The pandemic has brought in seismic shifts in the fundamental ways brands and consumers use and think of product packaging or a pack design. Besides the pandemic’s unique challenges, addressing sustainability requirements, changing consumer preferences, and the evolving eCommerce wave top the agenda for packaging leaders. Take an in-depth look at the factors, trends, and innovations driving CPG brands to approach product packaging in smart ways.


  • The major trends transforming the packaging industry
  • The impact of the pandemic on product packaging
  • Delivering value through smart packaging across the supply chain
  • Addressing the ongoing market challenges with smart packaging
  • Use cases from over +100 global (CPG) brands

John M. Darcy

John M. Darcy

Packaging Consultant and Founder Tea Leaf Branding & Packaging, LLC

Dan Egan

Dan Egan

Director sales and business development, Beaconstac

23rd February, 2021


Webinar recorded

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